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Welcome to FaroeSoccer

WelcomeYou have now entered the biggest internet data base on Faroese soccer and we’re delighted to welcome you here.

As the title indicates this is a website about Faroese soccer exclusively with a focus on the statistics - and that’s the way we expect it to be in times to come. 

We hope that FaroeSoccer will be of help and a centre for statistics to everyone with an interest in Faroese soccer - not at least the clubs, the F.A. and the media. This is one of the main purposes with FaroeSoccer.

The English title FaroeSoccer has been chosen because we want to have a broad appeal. The world outside our small islands seems to have a larger interest in Faroese soccer than we normally expect, and thus an English version is on the agenda. Most of our current stats pages should not however involve too much brain storm for those used to read results and tables. At the moment we cannot unfortunately be more precise about the launch of an English version of the site. 

The basis of the FaroeSoccer data base is the official match reports in the F.A.’s archives but other sources have been used as well.

In the making of this huge project FaroeSoccer has enjoyed very good relationship and a invaluable cooperation with the clubs, the F.A., the media and individuals - you know who you are. We do appreciate it a lot and sincerely hope that this cooperation also will continue in the future - we will certainly do our share.

We hope that you will benefit from your visit at FaroeSoccer - and future visits as well. We thank you for dropping by and hope to welcome you again soon.

Sincere soccer regards

We play together

Kunning um dagføring av dystum á FaroeSoccer
Til allar brúkarar okkara

Við tað, at FSF nú hevur sína egnu elektronisku skrásetingarskipan, eru eingir fysiskir dómaraseðlar longur til kappingarnar, sum FaroeSoccer skrásetur:

FaroeSoccer kann tí ikki leggja fakta frá dystunum út, áðrenn feløgini og dómararnir hava skrásett hesi í skipanina hjá FSF. Er nakar trupulleiki ella okkurt at spyrja um, so eru tit vælkomin at ringja á 520515/320515 ella skriva til


Gevið gætur at dystartíðirnar fyri komandi dystir á FaroeSoccer eru einans vegleiðandi. Dystartíðirnar í comet-skipanini hjá FSF eru tær galdandi tíðirnar til eina og hvørja tíð.